Definitional Ceromony Opportunity

Ongoing Definitional Ceremony Opportunities for practitioners

Many workers who are interested in learning Narrative therapy speak of wanting more opportunities to take part in definitional ceremonies and practice outsider witness responses. In response to this interest, and also because David enjoys the rich possibilities of this practice, he is setting up ongoing definitional ceremony opportunities for those interested in developing skills of Narrative practice.

David proposes that he interviews a family or, if there is no one booked, any of those willing to be interviewed who are attending on the day. The group of workers will then act as outsider witnesses.

There will be time set aside for discussion and reflections.

Please contact David if you are interested or have any questions.


To take part in these meetings, the following articles will be required reading:

  • “Reflecting Teamwork as Definitional Ceremony” by Michael White
  • “Reflecting Teamwork as Definitional Ceremony revisited” by Michael White

Both articles are available on the Dulwich Centre website